Exodus – Patterns Of Evidence

Currently I am teaching a series of messages called The Life Lessons of Joseph.  During my research for this series I have discovered a film called Patterns Of Evidence by Timothy Mahoney.  It is a filmmakers journey into the Bible, and the places of the Bible, to discover if the Exodus was an historical event.  Why is the Exodus important?  Well, practically everything Jesus taught us about Who He is in the Gospels is based on His belief in the Exodus (God leading His people – the Hebrews – out of Egyptian slavery) as a real and historical event.  If we can’t believe in the Exodus, why should we believe anything Jesus taught us?  It is my personal belief that if we can’t believe in the Exodus as an historical event then we can’t accept any of the Bible as historical.

If we can’t believe that the Exodus actually took place then we can’t believe any of the Bible as historical fact.

I want to recommend this film to anyone who is a follower of Jesus, undecided, or a full-blown skeptic.  For sure, if you are a part of the Rocky River Church family, be sure to pay close attention to the Joseph portions in this film.  It is absolutely fascinating!

The Bible is not a book of made up, once upon a time, fairytale stories.  It is the “truth book” of God.  Archaeology and science, when done right, is proving the historicity of the Bible every day.

This is a digital reconstruction of the smashed statue found in the tomb at Avaris.

If you are interested, you can learn more here at www.patternsofevidence.com.  Currently the film is available on Netflix.