Pictures From John 19

Here are the pictures I promised during this morning’s message from John 19.  Each has a caption beside it with the corresponding Bible passage.  Just click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size image.

This is the Stone Patch and the “king’s game” spoken of in John 19:13.
This is the place I believe to be "the place of the Skull" (Golgotha) where Jesus was crucified.
This is the place I believe to be “the place of the Skull” (Golgotha) where Jesus was crucified. John 19:17, 18
This is a picture of the Garden Tomb next to Golgotha in John 19:41, 42.

Spiritual Focus @ Rocky River Church

The Garden Tomb
The Garden Tomb

Leading up to Easter Sunday on Sunday March 27, Rocky River Church will be participating in a time of spiritual focus around the six areas listed below.  Join us!

1 – Read the following “Gospel Passion Narratives”:

  • Week of 3/7 – Read Matthew’s Passion Narrative (Matthew 26-28)
  • Week of 3/14 – Read Mark’s Passion Narrative (Mark 14-16)
  • Week of 3/21 – Read Luke’s Passion Narrative (Luke 22-24)
    • Pastor Jimmy will be teaching from John 20:1-28 on Easter Sunday.

2 – Participate in a 24 Hour Solid Foods Fast on Good Friday, March 25 (from after dinner on Thursday, March 24 until dinner on Friday, March 25).

3 – Participate in our special Prayer Time & Devotional on Thursday, March 24 (Maundy Thursday), 7PM in the Prayer Garden.

4 – Daily Prayer Focus for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday services (everyday 3/6 – 3/27):

Mondays – Spend time praying for our Growth Group Leaders, their groups and our volunteer Ministry Team Leaders.

Tuesdays – Spend time praying for our Lead Team (staff and trustees).

Wednesdays – Spend time praying for your family.

Thursdays – Spend time praying for our county and for the thousands of people in our area who don’t know Jesus.

Fridays – Spend time praying for Easter Sunday @ Rocky River Church and the 3 friends you are going to invite to Easter services

Saturdays – Spend time praying for all of our volunteers at Rocky River.

Sundays – As soon as you wake up thank God that Jesus is alive and pray for the Sunday services.

5 – Invite 3 People to Rocky River Church All staff will be held responsible for inviting 3 people to Easter @ Rocky River Church. We are asking you to think of three people/families you could invite to our Easter services at Rocky River Church.

6 – Easter Offering – This year we will be receiving a special Easter offering at Rocky River Church. The gifts made in this offering will go directly to impact our children/student ministries at Rocky River Church, local missions projects (we are involved in), and benevolence.

Easter Sunday Service Schedule: 7:15AM (Sunrise Service in our Prayer Garden), 8:30AM, 9:45AM and 11:15AM.